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  • Martha MacDonald

Selecting Your Websites Theme Colors & Fonts

We are steadily moving along in your goal of building your website, and I have happy to be a part of your journey. This week’s subject is where we begin to get to the “fun stuff.”

We are talking about your Color Theme and Fonts. It doesn’t matter if your website is for personal, blogging, or even your first business; you need to choose colors and font to display your information.

These two choices you make will set the tone for your website and those who visit it.

Let’s start with color. We all love color, and all colors have general representations associated with them.

When choosing your color theme, it is essential to remember that they need to work well together. Keep some colors darker, so they appear on lighter backgrounds well, and vice versa. The average color theme is five colors that harmonize well together and progress from darkest to lightest. Using the theory of color to help you determine your color theme can be helpful but remember that your website comes from you, and it is ok for your website to reflect your likes. Besides the one I’ve shown here, there are many charts out there that give you insight into color theory and how color affects our emotions. It is necessary to take some time and think about your colors and choose them wisely. While you can re-brand at any time, it is a lot of work, and taking the time to figure out what you will be happiest with now is a time-saver later when you are busy and want to make a change.

Then there is the font you choose or fonts. I have always recommended two fonts. Choose two fonts that represent how you want your website to feel. One font should showcase your website title and main categories, while your second font is a more clear-faced font that is easy to read. There are thousands of fonts out there for you to discover. Take some time and do a google search for fonts. There are many great free fonts that you can use, and there are no shortages of paid ones. The most important thing you can do is picture what your website will look like using that font. Almost all font websites will allow you to see what the font will look like using your own words before downloading or purchasing.

Explore, take your time and make sure you love the font. Make sure it gives the “feel” you are trying to present. When you have decided on your font choices, be sure to see if you need to purchase a license to use them on your website, in your printed materials, and then make your necessary purchases.

Making these choices can be difficult, so this is also a great time to tell you to write them all down and keep them in a safe place. No one wants to start over and say, “what was that color again?”. So please write down your font choices and where you purchased them from as well. I can not stress how much aggravation it will save you if you forget and need to make changes down the road. So until next time, have fun playing with colors and fonts, and I’ll see you here again next week to explore how your site looks and feels. If you decide it’s time to let a professional take over, contact us; we’re here when you need us.

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